A teenage girl was brought to see me recently due to chronic fatigue and randomised pain in most parts of her body, which has kept her off school for months. See the mother’s comments below.This all developed after having the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine, Cervarix. This caused her to develop breathing difficulties. She was hospitalised and given multiple steroids to deal with the after effects. Cervarix is promoted for teenage girls to prevent infection from HPV which can cause cervical and vulval precancers. It is not claimed that this vaccination will prevent cervical cancer, but parents’ understanding of that distinction may be very blurred. No wonder when the NHS Choices website refers to the ‘cervical cancer vaccination’.

There have been many reported cases of ill-effects and ‘mystery illnesses’ from the Cervarix vaccine, especially autoimmune and nervous system problems and chronic fatigue, although there is no official count of ‘side effects’ in the UK. On the NHS Choices website I counted over a dozen reports of long standing disability following the vaccination. These families had found that conventional medicine was not able to help them. Most doctors were reported to have dismissed any connection between the symptoms and the HPV vaccine, even when the pain, collapse, fainting etc occurred only 48 hours after the injection. Parents need to be aware that all vaccines contain toxic metals, such as aluminium which are damaging to the nervous system, as well as viruses, chemicals and DNA fragments. We do not truly know what effect these foreign materials have in the human body.

The UK is now switching to Gardasil, the vaccine used in the USA since 2006. The effects of this vaccine have been so damaging and obvious that the take up is now only about one third of the eligible population in the USA. The website truthaboutgardasil.org, set up by the mothers of teenaged victims of the vaccine, claim that thousands of girls have suffered serious side effects.The adverse effects include in-patient hospitalisation, venous thrombotic events, autoimmune disorders, neurological damage and persistent disability and some fatalities.

What the HPV Vaccine Actually Does
Neither Gardasil nor Cervarix actually prevent cervical cancer, but only sometimes prevent that nebulous condition referred to as ‘precancer’. The vaccine only claims to prevent a person from being infected with just a handful of more than 100 strains of HPV, but not to prevent cancer from developing once you are infected.  The vaccine only works if the individual has never been exposed to HPV before, which is why girls as young as 12 are targeted before they become sexually active.

Cervical cancer is not a big killer – it doesn’t  even appear in the top ten most prevalent types of cancer. In the UK, about 2,700 cases are found each year, placing it at  below half the number of cases of leukemia, the 10th most common cancer.

Considering the number of young women who appear to have been injured or killed by the vaccine, it’s certainly debatable whether the ‘prevention’ is more dangerous than the effects of the virus.

What To Do Instead
Given good nutrition, sufficient rest, fresh air and exercise and a postive outlook normally our bodies are able to combat viruses. So encouraging  teenagers to respect and look after their bodies might be a much more productive and all round health-enhancing approach to take. Reducing stress by using deep breathing, meditation, t’ai chi or yoga and developing spiritual beliefs all strengthen the immune system. Stress reduction techniques, such as positive visualisation will also be helpful for young people who get anxious about exams etc. Avoiding casual sex and using condoms can also help protect against HPV. Having regular smear tests will pick up most cell changes.

One Mother’s Account of Her Daughter’s Reaction to the HPV Vaccine
Having the teenage HPV injection has changed my daughter’s life so much from being a happy teenage girl who enjoyed school life, to now spending her days in pain. Unable to attend school she has days when she has pain all over her body and is unable to do anything. Prescribed painkillers do not dull the pain.We have tried all conventional medicines but with no results. So we have turned to alternative therapies for a more natural type of healing and to encourage detoxing.

Now that i have read up on the Cervarix vaccine I realise that the injection does not even cover all the strains of the HPV virus. For any parent thinking of letting their daughter have this vaccination I would not recommend it at all. They would be better just making sure they have regular smear tests as an adult and practising safe sex.

L S, Margate, Kent

Please forward this email onto any parent you know with girls around 11 years old or younger so they have time to inform themselves about the possible risks and  merits of this vaccination, before they have to decide whether to allow their daughter to have it or not.

If you would like more information on the topic of vaccination, there are several helpful websites with no links to pharmaceutical or vaccine companies, such as www.theinformedparent.co.uk, www.jabs.org.uk and www.wddty.com

with warmest wishes

Holistic Health Practitioner